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Pharmaceutical company that licenses are canceled -

Pharmaceutical company that licenses were canceled - stay healthy Keep in China

Pharmaceutical company that licenses were canceled - Stay healthy,
keep note, dated 1 Kaler Kantha newspaper.
With the cancellation of these medicine take steps to withdraw from the market after a few days of good hatonatuba egulo still need to continue this trend continues ... ...
The wicked shall be turned into siste ...

Parliamentary Inquiry Committee on the recommendation of the penicillin group of antibiotics and sephalospirina Twenty-two companies are production licenses revoked

13. Modern Pharmaceutical,

14. Medimyata laboratories,
11. Drugs Makaz,
10. Inobha pharmaceutical,
9. Pharmaceutical Greenland,
8. Globeksa pharmaceutical,
7. He said. Tiaiemasa laboratories (former remidi)
6. Decent Pharma,
5. Central Pharmaceutical,
4. Benahama pharmaceutical,
3. Bengal Techno Pharma,
2. Aztec pharmaceutical,
1. Ayamiko pharmaceutical,

Twenty. White Horse Pharmaceutical Limited.
1. United Chemicals & Pharmaceuticals and0. Pharmaceutical limit,
19. Prime Pharmaceutical,
18. Premier Pharmaceutical,
17. Oyster Pharma,
16. Organic Health Care,
15. National laboratories,
14. Maistika pharmaceutical,

All types of antibiotics, including the company's 14 production licenses revoked -

13. Pharmaceutical Ltd, etc. Save.
1. Rasha pharmaceutical,
11. Phoenix Chemicals,
10. Pharmika laboratories,
9. Orbit pharmaceutical,
8. MST Pharma,
7. Pharmaceutical Millat,
6. Indo-Bengali pharmaceutical,
5. Crystal Pharmaceutical,
4. Pharma Bristol,
3. Drugs Bengal,
II. Belasena pharmaceutical,
1. Alakada laboratories,

20. The company's production license has been canceled Medicine, it has lost the opportunity to produce all kinds of medicine -

14. Skailyaba pharmaceutical,
13. Pharmaceutical Reid,
1. Rimo Chemicals,
11. North Bengal Pharmaceutical,
10. National drugs,
9. Mediko pharmaceutical
,8. Kaphina pharmaceutical,
7. Jalapha laboratories,
6. Globe laboratories,
5. Dragalyanda,
4. Dolphin pharmaceutical,
3. Alternative pharmaceutical,
II. Ebharta Pharma,
1. Exim pharmaceutical,
15. Pharmaceutical spark,
16. Star Pharmaceutical,

17. Pharmaceutical firm,
18. Today pharmaceutical,
20.iunibharsela Pharmaceutical Limited.
19. Tropical pharmaceutical and

Beware of these companies from the public and the purchase of medicines are encouraged to refrain from humble ..

# Share and let everyone know that everyone is aware of and can recognize jibanahanikara Medicine ..
Their names do not remember ever heard. Companies gathered in the village and the small town feel and how unknown era deceive people. Koyaka village doctor, patients come to us when the show is not good, then I saw them a packet of drugs. All these medicines obscure company. But the price is equal to the best-priced brand. Why is not the name of Libra, is to surprise. Moss can be found throughout the year, the company phluide Infusion. Think, moss farming in saline.