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Red ghatale today at 3 pm

Prostitution is the oldest profession in the world

Prostitution is the oldest profession in the world. It's a profession that may never end. Prostitution is the body of the mobile business. Over time, the business has to take the wheel. Everywhere it has taken the market needs. Large hotels, luxurious resorts and its accessibility on the housetops old already, but now business has reached the streets.
Although it is a stigma on business women's physical freedom. Legalize prostitution law in 1956 was beaten in 1986 and revised several conditions were added. According to bet and even public sex offense was also punishable.

Read: prostitution in the factory 'injection of sin' will now unfortunately many lanes in the country where the waning days of the Gungruon Jnkti strum so that all the noise are suppressed. If you come today in India about 10 points a red light area, not only in Asia but also in the whole world whose name is taken.

Delhi's GB Road

Delhi's GB Road in Delhi's GB Road's full name Garstin Bastin Road. It is Delhi's largest red light area. However, in 1965 its name was changed to Swami Shraddhanand route. The area also has its own history. It is said that the Mughal period, ie a total of five red-light district was a brothel. Under British were together five regions and at the same time the name had to GB Road.

GB Road

GB Road
is in the cabin on the housetops of prostitution Service Experts is the largest businesses, and large number of girls trafficked from Nepal and Bangladesh and is brought here on the housetops. Be present in the same room several cabins where many customers are served simultaneously.

North Kolkata's

Prostitutes of Sonagachi license Chittaranjan Avenue near North Kolkata's beauty market in the region has been licensed prostitution involving women systematically. Here many business group run in a way which is called gang. According to estimates in the slum around 12 thousand girls under 18 years of age are involved in the sex trade.

Madhya Pradesh

Reshmpura Scindia family of Gwalior in Madhya Pradesh in a way a big win in the red light district in Gwalior Reshmpura. For the sex trade with foreigners, models, college girls are too. College Girls Bakayada for a way to open the office said. Internet and on mobile devices is based on information Colgrls bookings. Colgrls the contract or are on salary.