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Best Motivational Identification of losers & winners

successful people have different thinking [perspective]

they do a challenge to deal with any problem he receives.
unsuccessful people who are afraid of problems.
they don't like any problems. asks, not to give any problem.
oh lord!
pleads and asks, not to bring any problem.
they go to the temple and gives an exchange offer [bribes] to keep themselves away from problems.
Got it?
this is the sign of successful peoples.
mark of unsuccessful peoples.
unsuccessful in the sense, who has fear of problems.
when there is fear, there is no creativity.
there can not be any creativity in the presence of fear.
they are afraid of making mistakes, failures. doesn't want to invite any problems. what could he think more than that?
Best Motivational Identification of losers & winners

their thinking is in limitations.
they will always think of safety & security
the world can make you do anything by assuring you of safety & security.
this is how unsuccessful peoples become, this is why we call them as unsuccessful peoples.
they become automatically.
what do they really want?
safety & security
this is what they really want. doesn't want more than that.

take a look at yourself deeply.
then you will comprehend, what actually am I talking about.
they do feel scared of problems
wishes, it doesn't happen,
I'm moving out of the college, no idea ! would I get a job or not?
whose thinking [Perspective] is this?
the successful peoples, what they would say? their statement would be like this,
it's okay whether I get a job or not,
I shall do something great in my life. I'm capable of making it happen.
there are some peoples, whom we call as successful people.
if anything goes wrong in their life, no matter how hard situation is.
in spite of that, they still get ahead of themselves.keeps moving ahead.
they do something great in their life.
I meant, their attitude is so different [Killer Attitude]
which leads them to get ahead.
their depression lasts for temporary.
and then gets out of it.
but it doesn't necessarily mean, they don't get depressed.
it doesn't necessarily mean, they love getting failed.
that he makes some plans, strategy about something.
thought about something for years. that this is what they want to.
and then gets failed miserably
they also feel bad, when they pass through unexpected happening experiences
but what the interesting thing is. that they move out of it. very quickly.
very quickly, moves out of the depression.
eliminates them out of it. Very Quickly.
and then gets ahead.
on the other hand, there are some peoples, who get into depression, not able to get out of it.
depression is the result of wrong thinking.
and success is the result of right thinking.
it's all about thinking.
we need to go deeply to this particular topic as in
what is right thinking?
How Successful people think?
nobody thinks like this. nobody thinks about it.
no topic is being discussed in school, college, not even in the home.
everything is being discussed, talking about studies, homework, writing [ Academic life] [does like everybody do]
discussed karo Karo [doings]
Work hard, DO STUDY, DO STUDY, Be Continued.
Carry on ! this is what actually being discussed
what actually is this? if we observe it deeply
Kachar - [ Dunce,stupid peoples].
this word is gonna be used in my all seminars by me.
in order to remind peoples, make them understand.
what actually I'm talking about.
to make them understand, deem.
rarest of rare peoples existing in the world.
who utilizes their brain power,
who figures out these all at initial point [beginnings]
and then takes action.
such peoples can be called as creative
what does creativity mean?
that there is a problem.
and what people are doing?
peoples are solving all problems as it used to solve earlier by peoples.
but the problem is being changed day by day. according to time.
with time to time
that all textbooks we have.
through which uncertainty is existing in the world.
the solution can not be discovered through that all.
some information is being fed to you...
But, there is no direct connection with reality.
for instance,you are at software engineering. studying about it.
studying,learning through 20 years older books.
In 20 years, technology where has reached upto? getting updated day by day.
getting updated in every minutes.
something is being improved, getting better, making some necessary changes
older version is in termination.
whatever you have been learning
there are some limitations.
because unless and until, you are creative enough.
what do you mean by creativity?
the things you've studied and accordingly, if you are discovering solutions of that all major problems.
the way you wants to find out solutions
if you think, you are going to find out the solution of that all major problems on the basis of your textbooks solutions.
then I would like to assure that you are not a creative but mechanical thinker. it's mechanical thinking.
if you are discovering in accordance with textbook solutions and thus, discovering any solution of any problem.
then you won't be able to discover any solutions.
you'll get trapped into it.
why will you get trapped?
because problems have been changed.
the education system which were meant for finding out solutions.
that all problems are no longer existing.
now, problem has become something different.
what does it need?
broader thinking, creative thinking is required which can break all pattern of thinking.
this is the differences between successful peoples thinking and unsuccessful people thinkings [approach]
they all are going,leading their life in according to the pattern.
there is no pattern for successful peoples
there is no pattern.
this is how you will have to develop your mind.
if you are genuinely wants to be successful.
health,wealth and happiness are the definitions of success.
balances of these all three.
it means you are calling yourself as creative. what do people make meaning of it?
does anything weird and declare themselves as creative.
if you are making these all for your passion,fun. then it's good to some extent.

but, what is creative thinking?

creativity means to find out the solutions to problems and to an existence problems.
creativity doesn't necessarily mean to create something new but great perspective, deeming.
requires unique perspective, approach. needs to be a unique from others.
this is the just game of perspective.
thinking means approach.
got it?
let's see by practically. what it is.
thousand years ago, were discovered already wheels and bags as well.
a guy, who used his brain that all people are carrying heavy bags which led to pains over all bodies.
so, he made wheels small and placed below bags in order to reduce human efforts.

thus, he became a millionaire.

this is how we needs to figure out.
people don't get it like this.
what people do ! the bag they have is heavy. they do carry that all heavy bags over again and again. doesn't even try to find out any solutions. Don't they let themselves in deep thinking that is there solution to get rid of it?
try to think, the guy who invented trolley bags. may have faced these all major problems.
and may have tried to find out solution by thinking how can he get rid of it?
thus, his brain ran and found out.
what others people used to do? they didn't think like that.
kept thinking like this - this is how all people carry the heavy bag in order to reach their destination. and this is how we've got to go. this is how the world runs. so I do need to go like this following their way.
no matter how heavy it is. I've got to keep myself going like this. not to give up. I'll have to keep myself going like these all stupid peoples.
whether I carry it over my head or shoulder, but I'll keep myself going like this till I die.[entire life]. Because, this is how the world used to go, going and will be going.

whose thinking is this? this is the perspective of unsuccessful peoples, tired peoples, losers.

and what is the perspective of successful peoples? they say-

they say, '' there is no problem without any solutions''.
if there is a problem, there has to be a solution
this is the only differences between successful peoples and unsuccessful peoples.
what is the problem ? the problem is carrying the heavy bag.

what is a solution of it?

at the beginning, don't know! this is what going to appear in your mind when you start about the problem.
in this case, what unsuccessful people would act & say- ;
they would stop themselves from moving ahead and would say - I don't know! this is where they stop finally. this is the final point of unsuccessful peoples. they don't even try to go above questions. and becomes dependent on others
in this case, what successful people would think & say?
they'll say - don't know but wants to know. wants to explore, discover & gets obsessed
how will it happen, solve? gets involved in it.
try to understand
then what is the essence of creative thinking unless focus.
where to focus on?
needs to focus on the problem.
a solution exists in the problem.
what do we do ! we keep you away from the problem.
as for instance, listen & understand it deeply.
there are two peoples. went to the same college. assume it's engineering college.
it's not one of the top colleges.
I'm using this example because there is a lot of engineering colleges in India.
they studied together for 4 years till graduation.
they were almost same in the case of study performance.
they were neither toppers nor weak students. mediocre
they both tried for jobs. tried at multiple companies as much as possible.
got no job, didn't get hired.
what is this? success or failure?
it's failure!
all 4 years went in vain. wasted 4 years.
paid money is also wasted.
stress is being created by all sides.
the one, who got into depression. got depressed and said
I Got failed in my life. it's biggest failure ever to me.
I've got nothing to do.
I'm unable to deem [ Understand] and said
I'm ready to go for any job, ready to work any job. no matter what the job is.
then what is happening!
he is feeling frustrated ! because he's not doing the job he loves and the job is not also paying him well.
not even doing the job he loves.
parents are also taunting him based on past failures.
the past failure is also reminding, his frustration is killing him. getting attacked internally.
it's called a wrong thinking. this is what happens, isn't it?
I'm giving you examples of an engineer, you may use any relationship also in it.
you got into a relationship with world. and this is what happened & getting worse as well.
the relationship is even led to divorce
then how men or woman gets depressed!
now, let's take a look at second one, who is going to do something great in his life.

whose thinking is big like successful peoples do.

you know! how success people think.
if I've done something, I've learned something from it.
there is no work, you've done and it went in might have got some advantages. all act is beneficial to some extent.
all act doesn't go in vain at all.
what actual happens! we all are doing these all for having something or achieve something in order to make my life comfortable, full of happiness.
if I achieve it, then I'm happy. if it doesn't then I'm unhappy. it's narrow-minded approach, mechanical thinking. got it?
I'm not asking you to not set any goal, you may set any goal but if you don't achieve it then keep your mind in activated mode. that is called an open minded thinking.
for example, you are trying to force on iron nails to get it inside and fit.
if it's not going inside .then you don't have to keep these all force over it by the faith of not giving up.
by the faith of I'll drive it and make it fit anyhow. no matter what.
instead, try to figure out, you maybe making some mistakes to drive it or going towards the wrong direction.
you should shift the iron nails slightly to next side. there might be no iron.
you must have observed that iron is present in walls also like the presence of beams.
and there is maybe iron in form of obstruction
so, if nails are not able to get in. then what creative thinking would be?
like this - I think, I should try at another side by shifting the target at another side.
got it? there are no beams, thus, he made it happen.
try to understand, what the creative thinking is.
how would I [Speaker] think, If I were him?
I would say - WoW! amazed.