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Do you know someone who is dull, heavy, tired, or depressed? Okay, this may be the result of their diet Traditional Chinese Medicine (which is part of Acupressure Therapy) teaches how common foods, different flavors and ways of cooking, emotions, behavior, $exual energy and how our health status affects We do.

It looks heavy, hard, tired, dull or depressed, who you are not; However, the result of what you are eating can be a direct effect on what you eat and how they affect you. If you eat rich, heavy meals, you can feel lazy and tired. Whatever you dealt with has to be processed and then a chemical reaction arises, which affects your internal condition, and affects your overall existence.
In traditional Chinese medicine, the stiffness of the muscle is related to the condition of your liver and gall bladder, which regulates the digestion of fat and oils. If you love to eat rich foods such as ice cream, chips, fried food, rich desserts, butter and cream sauce - you are restraining these internal organs, which will make your body feel heavy, dull and rigid .
The liver and gall bladder meridian also control control issues, make decisions, and approach to decision making. Anyone trapped in any of these areas may suffer from severeness, excessive severity, heavyness, fatigue or depression. If you change your diet, eliminate rich foods, and eat more vegetables containing chlorophyll containing chlorophyll during some months, then you can change chemistry within your body and feel better.