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Direct vs non direct recognition life insurance

Hello, this is Dan Thompson. I want to talk about a second and dividend-paying mutual life insurance companies and how they pay dividends, you get the question that the difference between a company directly and non-direct Dividends are essentially paid by the time insurance company when you take a loan from a life insurance company, the recognition of that loan will be done every year It can be used in the simplest way, the company announces and pays the dividend if you have a loan,
at the time that the dividend is paid, the treatment will be treated with two different treatments May be different, we start with a non-recognized company which means that when the time comes to pay dividends then the insurance company that has a debt and on my end is a no The recognition company's dividend is the same for all policy owners,
Direct vs non direct recognition life insurance

even if they are a loan or not everyone gets the same dividend percentage in a recognized company if you have an outstanding loan which the insurance company considers your policy There is a loan against, when time comes to pay dividends,
then a little less can be done compared to those who have no outstanding loans as an example. For the year that dividend is going to be 6% in the non-affiliated company, every policy owner gets a full dividend in the recognized company without having to pay 6% without any outstanding loan, but alone five and three quarters now
These numbers are accurate I am just using them as an example, but the most real argument here is that I have to say that this belief is not a direct recognition or a decisive Do not be a factor, whether you want it or not, with the company at the end of the policy, it is about the company's performance, whose history is their strength, what is the most important,
if I have a recognized company that is consistently 2 or none - More than 3% more dividends for the year-and-a-half decades, the performance is as important as they recognize a kind of dividend or another one or more. If you are doing decision-based on direct or direct factor,
here at least considering the very important factors can be argued as an agent of the company that their style is better or more fair than the other. Why but still show me the performance and history. One more thing is to say that there are some things about the loan which are fixed at the fixed loan rate. There are some companies that have the shares,
even if the dividends are correct alone, which is much higher than the current market conditions, which are the dealer-breakers, they dance around the high-interest rates and make it sound fair but my This is not just for example I have seen that most companies whose 45% have a variable credit interest rate, there are still some