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Motivational quotes about life

Hello Friends
suppose you have to go out, but you are
aware of the rainy season, and hence you also expect that it may rain anytime,
and plan to go out can get canceled at any moment.
So you are prepared for that as well.
So what happens is, the moment you get ready to go out,
suddenly it starts raining, and your plan gets cancel.
In this situation you hardly get angry, and you will not feel bad
as compare to the situation,
If you plan to go out Happily, and you feel, it is sure to go out today
but suddenly rain starts all of a sudden
motivational quotes about life

and your perfect plan gets canceled,
this situation will make you feel more worst and bad as compared to the previous situation.
Most of the people think,
that they get angry or others get angry when something bad happens to them, but that's not true.
People don't often get angry when something bad happens to them,
instead, they get angry when something bad happens to them
and they haven't Expected it.
Now this Example, I have to make you Understand about the stoic Philosophy.
Because after The Aristotle Era, There was Two Kind of Philosophy which was very much famous
and almost everybody followed the one Philosophy amongst two,
First Philosophy was Stoicism whose followers were known as Stoics

and the Other Philosophy was Epicureanism whose followers were known as Epicurean.

Marcus Aurelius Whose Book Knowledge we will be learning today,
He was the Follower of Stoicism, he was the Stoics
Hence even we will learn about the stoicism philosophy,
I will cover the Epicurean Philosophy in my future post.
Marcus Aurelius was Very Intelligent and was amongst the last 5 great Roman Emperors.
Whose teaching is still great and still many read his work and learn from it.
While living his life, He wrote a book, or you can say maintained a diary,
IN which he used to write everything, whatever he learned from his life,
He has maintained this book for himself not for others,
He used to write in, whenever and wherever he feels too, about his Wisdom.
Sometimes in a day, when he used to sit comfortably inside his palace
or on the battle field, when he used to sit in a tent in the night,
He had written much amazing wisdom in his book during his life time,
which people got, after his death.
Today People know that Book As Meditations,
Meditation Book is being considered as one of the greatest work on Philosophy.
so today I will share one of the most important Principles From his Book.
Ready for the Worst
In the starting of the Post, the example which I had shared was related to this principle.
Another Small Example;
Recently Match Happened Between India vs Pakistan, some of the Indians, who Didn't Expect
That India can Lose, They must have felt very bad
But some who really Expected by Heart,
That it's a Game, a match any one can lose or win, and India can Lose if they don't play well
Those people would not have felt so bad.
Now for further Reference Through These Examples.
Stoicism Teaches us, That we should Expect that Bad things can happen to us,
And for sure bad situation can arise in our life's as if the reality of every human's life
and if we expect this fact, This expectation will make our life very easy.
We can handle bad or worst situation in a better way
and we will not feel bad or worst and will not even get angry
as compared to the anger we can get through false expectations.
Like Not Expecting that it can rain as well.

You can apply this Principle practically,
Example; suppose you have a house which you want to give someone on a rent
however, you increase the rent by 1 k every year
Hence you inform that Tenant about the increase in rent.
That if he wants to extend his house Agreement For one more year, then he has to pay 1 k extra every year.
After listening to You, He will not feel bad,
But suppose if you do not inform that tenant about the increased amount,
and suddenly after 1 year, you tell him that from now on you have to pay 1 k extra every month.
After listening to this sudden change that person will Feel very bad and will get angry
or maybe behind your back, will say that you are a bad person.
Because that person hasn't Kept a True or Right Expectations From You and through this life.
This is wrong as per the Stoic Philosophy.
Do remember, That Problem will arise in Life,
Maybe many problems will come together, will be stress, diseases will come, will be injustice
Your special people will cheat you,Will lie to you, fight with you for their own benefits.
and many bad things can do to you, can happen to you.
Whatever you see happening with others, can happen to you as well.
And if you expect that Nothing bad can happen to you,
then you are living your life under False Expectations.
Because Uncertainty and changes are the actual life.and don't run from them
Face them By expecting that Yes it can happen with us too.and anything can happen
And one more important thing, never be afraid of all these situation and changes
Because Reality is You are much stronger and courageous than you think.
You can handle any situation and can live happily
This was related to Stoic Philosophy,
Now I feel, it's my Responsibility to give you all my Personal Advice related to this Topic.
Explaining This Philosophy, I am not saying You shouldn't Trust Anybody.
Or be Negative about your future.
No...Even I Trust some of my loved Ones Very Much,
and also Think positive about my future
But it doesn't mean that I am not aware of Uncertainty.
Things many times doesn't happen as per my plans, or I don't expect something bad happening to my life,
Yes, i Do Expect.
Hence Even I will advise You, To be ready, Not to be Negative
But to be ready to face any tuff situation with positivity
Because it's a fact that yes life is uncertain and anything can happen at any moment.
But no matter what, Always be strong Positive and be prepared to handle every situation strongly and be happy
Now to end this Post.
I have shared this knowledge from the Book Meditations by Marcus Aurelius.
This is an amazing book, in which there are many hidden pearls of wisdom.
From which I have shared only one important principle, And Will try to cover another amazing principle's in future Post.