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SUCCESS IS THE BEST REVENGE - Prove Them Wrong | Best Motivational quotes for Success in Life 2017

SUCCESS IS THE BEST REVENGE - Prove Them Wrong | Best Motivational quotes


some people would rather kill your dream
then see you succeed so many people I
talked to at that time for all be paid
they say this is the stupidest idea you
have ever gotten my mom was wrong about
everything she told me not today loves my
mom to death okay
an unbelievable friend of mine she was
wrong my father is if this is an
embarrassment to me and was stomping all
over me, I think every time I say I'm
about to do something people are waiting
for me to fumble, I just can't live my
Life-based upon what other people think
about me oh you don't understand how
hard it is to make it Brendan it's so
hard these days everybody told me you're
nuts you can't do that you can't do that
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beware of vision dream and passion
killers family and friends in most cases
sad to even say this family and friends
in most cases will be the first to try
and talk you out of something that
you're passionate excited about and that
you have a vision for most of the people
that have no dreams will wake up every
day trying to talk you out of your
they have no goals they have nothing
that they're ambitious about creating your
own reality by choosing your future and
not only is it important for you to know
it's possible for you to choose your
future but it's necessary that you work
on yourself that you develop yourself
it's necessary that you get the energy
drainers out of your life people who
don't want anything
the most powerful motivational speeches
that I have ever heard came from people
who told me I couldn't do something you
know why because when they told me I
couldn't do it I was bound and
determined to show them that I could
tell me I can't do I will prove you
wrong I will show you that you mistake
because I believe and this is real
important I can't what for - we'll stop
you will slow you down but turn you
around and cause you to move backward if you let it but if you have the proper
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I can't we'll do nothing but make you
bet more determine to get to your goal
one problem the violin because to do
what you do you've got to be the world
class violinist because if you don't
when you're moving around and being
thrown around I'm still trying to play
you end up doing what you didn't that's
missing loads of notes and there were
times when it sounded to me like a bunch
of rats being strangled

seriously that bad but you're not good
enough I don't think to get away with
flying through the air and trying to
play the violin the same time I don't
think what you're doing right now
enough to fill a theater in in Vegas
that much movement made you not as great
as you were made you not as great as you

who's got the right to stop you I mean
maybe some of you guys got something you
never finished something you really want
to do something you never sent a
somebody something and you're told no
even after you pay your dues who's got
the right to tell you that who nobody
it's your right to listen to your gut
and ain't nobody's right to say no and
the turn right could be where you want to
be a do what you want to do
people with discourages you know the
people that you have in your life
through no matter how good of a day
you're having don't bring you down or
and no matter how bad of a day you're
having they'll bring you even lower you
know what I'm talking about
think of the three biggest discourages
in your life, they're not your biggest
discourages you are dear candidate thank
you for your application to our ballet
Academy, unfortunately, you have not been
accepted you lock the right feet
Achilles' tendons turn out torso length
and bust you have the wrong body for
ballet and at 13 you are too old to be

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so you don't think you can you don't
think you can do it
think again no you can if you haven't
done it keeps driving keep working don't
let up things don't come easy you gotta
find it whatever it is within yourself
don't bleep don't quit don't quit
so just because you fail don't mean you
a failure all right so I just need you
to do me a huge favor and me just
need you to keep going try to make that
one different decision that you not
maybe forward to my last one is don't
let the distractions distract you I know
real simple but don't let the
distractions distract you
failure is not an option when you go
into it I want you to go into everything
you do listen to me as if failure is not
an option all right it's not a button
it's not a label it does not exist you
can do it don't let anybody steal your
the dream I used to ask myself can I do this
and something said to me you're the
one you're the one
if you want to be great, not good not
also bragging not second not third of
you want to be great
the very best at what you do obsession
is a necessity once you have that
magnificent obsessions once you question
impossible to tooth teeth then when
somebody like that tells you you can't
do something you have chosen the wrong
one to tell something like that too I
will show you I will show you what I can
do I will show you I will turn your I
can't I will never I want it's
impossible I will turn it around and I
will show you that I can do anything
have you ever go out for
something and try to do something and
when you've got home quietly in your
the room you knew that you had that much
more than you could've given but you
didn't want to look good in the face
because your girlfriend was looking for
your boyfriend was looking you didn't
want to frown up like that and look
embarrass yourself so I had a little bit
then you know in your heart you did not
give everything that's your hand and you
don't know if nobody else no you don't
no oh man I could have done a little
better than I could have tried a little
harder if I had I see that you would
have this aside with your evidence
well let me tell you what the problem is
all right so we tell you what the
problem is the problem is everybody
wants surprised but nobody wants to pay
the price nobody said this was going to
be easy we don't want it to be easy if
it was easy then everybody would be
doing it right if it wasn't difficult
then everybody will be doing it there'd
only be say you know everybody would be
an entrepreneur everybody would be a
billion everybody would be a successful
athlete or artist or businessman or
salesperson or scientist everybody will
be doing it right it's not supposed to
be easy you shouldn't want it to be easy
we all want better things to don't we we
all want more friends more stuff more
money more security more travel more
enjoyment if you do the same thing
tomorrow that you did today you're stuck
stop and it doesn't stink and it grows a
little bit of time and you get it taste
the success but it's never fast enough
it never excites you and when it does
it's a good month or a good two months
or a good three months but it doesn't
provide a trajectory that creates
success so the first thing I want you to
think about today is I want you to wake
up tomorrow and do something different
and understand if you do the same damn
the thing you're stuck just because you did
it a certain way yesterday there's no
reason to do it that way today you can
be wrong you could pick the wrong career
you can pick the wrong job you can pick
the wrong spouse you can pick the wrong
but you get it right one time your sin
but if you don't try and if you don't go
out there and try all those different
things you'll never get that one time
you are an extremely powerful force of
you decide to be if you decide to not
give up towards a certain goal and if
you have decided between all of your
logic and reasoning abilities that this
is the goal you should be going after
that this is a feasible thing for you to
do okay
you are so powerful in your ability to
do that
I say train your brain hard because of
you think a certain way
if so are you
that Psalms you up if you think with a I
can't do it attitude this one you right
you can't do because that's the way you
think if you think it's impossible for
it is it is impossible because you
believe in your heart it's impossible
for you yet it is impossible you upset
that limitation in your mind
there's always going to be setbacks
there's always going to be things that
go wrong there's always going to be
things you don't anticipate even when
you have every I dotted every T crossed
something's going to go wrong what else
are you going to do you know it happens
and so you have to get back to work and
you have to go after it and you have to
make the best of it and when it does you
just have to fight through it and grind
through it and remember what it is that
makes you special what it is that gives
you confidence to do what you do and do
more of it focus on what you do become
the best at it put in the time and
eventually great things are going to
start happening that's the way the world
was there's no getting around it there's
no shortcuts or no cutting corners
there's no secret program there's no way
to fast forward process it just takes
time and you've got to be patient you've
got to be aggressively patient during
lab time to make sure you do every
single thing
anytime that you give your best effort
that you give everything that you
possibly can give that is satisfaction
and knowing that I did my absolute best
I did all I can do there's victory and
that there satisfaction
to get successful or gonna have to go
but get creative and think you're gonna
have to become resourceful you're gonna
have to get yourself solutions to
problems that money can't buy you put in
a hundred and twenty percent every time
or you don't put in nothing because
listen to me very closely
today this opportunity you have it might
not be here next year it might not be
here to year after next it might not be
hitting year after that this is the only
moment you've got and you better take
advantage of this particular moment you
need to do whatever it takes if you're
working on opening a business you need
to be working on that in 16 hours a day
you want to make that bit successful
then you need to be busting your
athletes doing whatever it takes putting
everything into it otherwise you're
business will fail 80% of businesses
fail why because people aren't willing
to do whatever it takes as Thomas Edison
said our greatest weakness lies in
giving up the most certain way to
succeed is to always try one more time I
know they're gonna be a million times in
your life where you want to give up
where you absolutely ache with the
desire to quit where nothing sits inside
of your gut other than the certainty
that you are going to fail that you are
not good enough to push forward but that
is to fundamentally misunderstand the
nature of a failure the nature of a
failure is not to tell you who you are
the nature of a failure is to tell you a
the way that didn't work it's to inform its
to educate you it's to test you it's to
be a gut check to find out if you
believe in yourself enough to push
forward even when the world seems to be
telling you not to and as Brian Tracy
tenth the impossible in order to improve
your work think about that for a second
attempt the impossible just to get
better to try the things that you know
are going to fail things that the world
is going to tell you simply cannot be
but even if it violates the laws of
physics if there's something in that
attempt that you're going to learn you
owe it to yourself you have a fucking
moral obligation to try because all of
the people that will lie in your wake
are the people that didn't try simply
because they didn't believe that they
could do it you have to be willing to
look at the world you have to be willing
to see things that you yourself think
are impossible and try because in that
you will stretch yourself you have to be
willing to look inward at the state of
your current skill set and say I am
going to play outside of that I'm not
going to play words safe I'm going to
play where it hurts I'm going to play
where I feel clumsy I'm going to play
only in the areas that make me feel
stupid because in that I know that the
way that the brain responds is to
adaptation but I have to stress myself
you can't ever lose sight of that the
only way that the human animal adapts is
through stress you have to be willing to
break things noted
so if you want to push the boundaries of
you want to see just how far you can go
if you want to succeed at the highest
level if you want to play on a global
scale you have got to be willing to try
the impossible because right now the
things that you need to do are
impossible for you but they won't remain
that way forever and as Aristotle said
pleasure in the job puts perfection in
the work this doesn't have to be a tale
of always being terrified everybody
myself included screaming at you telling
1you that you need to go do something
great the part they're leaving out is
why the fuck should you care you should
character this is the greatest joy you
should only listen to this if it's
leading you down a path that makes you
feel more alive and that's the point the
point is to get in touch with something
that makes you feel great but not to let
yourself starve or be stopped by a fear
that you'll fail by a fear that it can't
be done have fun have the guts to enjoy
yourself have the guts to go out and
attempt something audacious and
terrifying knowing that all along if
you're doing it right you're gonna have
a good time so all of this going balls
out trying to prove something to
yourself trying to do something amazing
never lose sight that it's to build a
better life never lose sight of the fact
that you're doing it to create the
person that you want to be never lose
sight of the fact that it's
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